Association formed under the 1901 law


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Paul-André SOREAU
Bertrand SAVOURÉ

79 rue Jouffroy d’Abbans
75017 PARIS


Tel: +33 1 44 01 25 00
Fax: +33 1 44 01 25 40


members of the 

analysis and expertise committeE

This committee is composed of notaries and staff from all our offices. Its remit is to reinforce and develop specific areas of expertise and validate new strategies in a framework of legal certainty, to serve the needs of the clients of the various offices.


Maître Muriel CARPON (Private Clients, International Estate Planning and Family Affairs) - Maître Sylvie JULIEN SAINT AMAND - HASSANI (Divorce and Real Estate) - Maître Jean-Pierre KAPLAN (Family Affairs and Real Estate) - Maître Louis AUSSEDAT (Real Estate, Private Clients and Family Affairs) - Maître Frank THIERY (Corporate and Tax Affairs) - Mrs Sophie GONSARD (Private Clients and Family Affairs) -  Maître Pascal JULIEN SAINT-AMAND (Private Clients, Corporate Affairs and International Estate Planning) - Maître Bertrand SAVOURE (International Estate Planning, Private Clients and Family Affairs) - Maître Paul-André SOREAU (Private Clients, Real Estate and International Estate Planning) - Maître Guillaume LIGET (Real Estate and Private Clients)



President of the ALTHÉMIS Group

Why set up Althémis ?

The founding notarial offices which decided to join forces within the ALTHÉMIS Group share above all the same vision of the role of notaries and the same determination to enhance the quality of services provided to their clients.

"From strategy to deeds", this profession of faith reflects the philosophy of our notarial network: to establish the main lines of advice which safeguard the interests of clients, to translate strategies into deeds and concrete actions and to support our clients and their families as part of a long-term relationship.


This approach applies not only to the traditional range of notarial services:

  • Real Estate: purchases, sales, property investment vehicles, separating title from usufruct, construction, etc.
  • Family Law: matrimonial property regimes, donations, successions, divorce, etc.

but also the following areas:

  • Private Clients: structuring and organising property ownership, asset protection, tax planning, wills and estate planning, growth, transfers, etc.
  • Corporate Affairs: organisation of corporate decision-making structures, optimisation of business transfers, restructuring operations, mergers, acquisitions, commercial and industrial real estate, etc.
  • International Affairs: tax and estate planning, cross-border acquisitions, international marriages, etc. 

By adopting a different approach, the ALTHÉMIS Group's objective is to go even further in creating added value for its clients.


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