- Optimising the sale of your real estate assets: main home, second home, rental property, etc.

- Analysing the structuring and means of financing the acquisition of such assets.

- Assistance for town planning/commercial town planning operations, etc.

- Creating leases, legal and tax analysis of withdrawal arrangements.

- Drawing up building leases, professionnal leases and residential leases.

- Real estate development support.

Download the ALTHÉMIS Selling and Buying Real Estate Guide in 5 key Steps



- Structuring your union: marriage contracts, partnerships, cohabitation, etc.

- Protecting your spouse or partner: marriage contracts, changes of matrimonial property regime, gifts between spouses, wills, etc.

- Estate planning and successions: donations, partition, wills, advance waivers of an heir's right to an action in abatement, strategies to protect future generations, adoptions, etc.

- Dependency risk prevention and support for close family members: wills, future protection mandates, mandates with posthumous effect, etc.

Download the ALTHÉMIS Guide on the Key Phases of the Estate Settlement



- Tax optimisation: personal or business asset restructuring, tax sheller schemes, etc.

- Division of property: acquisitions where title is separated from usufruct, temporary usufruct, transfer of bare ownership or usufruct, etc.

- Adaptation of the matrimonial property regime: modification of the regime, insertion of spouse protection clauses, etc.

- Dedicated donations: donations, inter-vivos distribution, inter-generation inter-vivos distribution, gradual donations, residual donations, etc.

- Life insurance: configuration of policies, drafting of beneficiary clauses, advice on various options when cashing in the policy, etc.

- Family companies: analysis of the corporate object and drawing up articles of association, tax options, etc.





- Formation of companies: choice of legal form, tax options, etc.

- Company or group restructuring: mergers, demergers, partial contributions of assets, spinning off activities into subsidiaries, coordination of holding companies, etc.

- Business transfers: donations and inter-vivos distribution, "Dutreil Pact", transformations, intra-family disposals, etc.

- Transfers of shares, customer and business capital: negotiations, drafting of agreements, liability guarantees, etc.

- Corporate secretariat and related services: company transformations, capital increases and reductions, transfers of registered offices, etc.

- Dependency risk prevention: future protection mandates, mandates with posthumous effect, wills, etc.

- Analysis and optimisation of the personal assets of entrepreneurs: matrimonial property regimes, life insurance, immunity of personal real estate assets from seizure, etc.


international SUPPORT

- International estate and tax planning: advance planning and support strategies for succession settlements, etc.

- Matrimonial property regimes and alien elements: adapting marriage contracts, declarations of governing laws, etc.

- Legal and tax assistance for expatriation and relocation, etc.

- Analysis of trust and fiduciary structures and their legal and tax consequences in France, etc.

- Structuring cross-border acquisitions: abroad by a French resident or in France by a non-resident, etc.

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